50 Healthy Food Which is beneficial for health.

Healthy food – if you search for Healthy food then this article guide you find Healthy food .
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Healthy Food

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Satavar or Asparagus is a plant with medicinal properties of Lilaceae clan. It is also known as ‘Shatavar’, ‘Shatavari’, ‘Satavari’, ‘Satmool’ and ‘Satmuli’. It grows in India, Sri Lanka and the entire Himalayan region. Its plant is as long as a prickly vine with many branches, from one meter to two meters long. It has roots in bunches.


Avocado, a tree whose likely origin is believed to be south central Mexico, has been classified as a member of the floral family Loraceae. The fruit of the plant, called avocado, is essentially a large berry fruit with a large seed.

Beet greens

Beetroot is a herbaceous root plant. It is a plant of the species called Beta vulgaris which has been reared in agriculture for centuries by humans and has been developed in many breeds. Its taproot root is often light-sweet and its color is red, purple,

Bell peppers

Capsicum is a species of chilli that is used as a vegetable in food. It is also called Capsicum or Papper. Originally, this vegetable is from the continent of South America where there is evidence that it has been cultivated for the last 3000 years.

Bok choy

The anti-oxidant present in it prevents many diseases,


Broccoli looks like Cauliflower but there is a difference in color. Cauliflower is white in color while broccoli is found in thick green, purple and white colors. It can be eaten both raw and boiled.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels Sprout is a member of the Gemifera Group of Cabbage, which is grown for its food buds.


Cabbage is a popular vegetable. The place of origin is considered to be the Mediterranean region of Cyprus or Italy.


Carrot is the name of a vegetable. It is available in many colors like red, black, orange. This is the root of the plant.


Cauliflower is a popular vegetable. The place of origin is considered to be the Mediterranean region of Cyprus or Italy.


Ajwain is a shrubby plant that is used as a spice and medicine. It is cultivated on a small scale.

Collard Greens

In such a situation, collard greens are very good for health. Calcium is found in collards. It is effective in ending problems like cancer.

Corn, Fresh Sweet

The rainy season is coming, it is not possible to eat corn in the rainy season, whether it is baked native corn or American corn cooked in steam… both have their own fun. Their taste is not only fun, but also health benefits,


Brinjal is a vegetable. Brinjal originated in India and today is the second most consumed vegetable after potato. India is the second highest producer of brinjal after China in the world.


Phenyl is a flowering plant species in the carrot family. It is a hardy, perennial herb with yellow flowers and winged leaves.


Garlic is a species of onion clan Its scientific name is Allium sativum L.

Green beans

The beans are a vine. It takes beans. Vegetable vegetables are eaten. Its leaves can be used as fodder.

Green peas

Green peas are rich in protein as well as vitamin-K, which helps in preventing bone diseases and especially osteoporosis.


If you want all these vegetables, you can also apply them in pots on the terrace. Among them, vitamin A, C as well as iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, etc. are found in very small quantities.

Mushrooms, crimini

Consumers in North America want closed, tangy, and white or brown mushrooms

Mushrooms, shiitake

Mushrooms have high fiber along with reduced carbohydrate and fat. It contains vitamin B-complex which helps in controlling weight by improving metabolism.

Mustard greens

Mustard greens are made by cooking mustard and spinach leaves.


There is a tree, originating in West Asia. It is famous that olive trees were first produced in the soils of limestone, in the hills of the province of Attica, Greece.


Its pulp is white in color, while its outer layer is brown. Its aroma is like sulfur.


Potato is a vegetable. In terms of botany it is a stem. Its origin is Peru in South America. It is the most grown crop after wheat, paddy and maize.

Romaine lettuce

Benefits of eating salad leaves. Rich in medicinal properties, lettuce contains many such nutrients,

Sea vegetables

Seaweed are multicellular algae located in the sea. Some species of red, brown and green algae come under it. Sea weeds are also classified by use,

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is a one-year-old plant of the Convolvulaceae family, but it can behave multivariate in favorable conditions. It is a flowering plant. Its transformed root originates from stem clusters.


Tomato is the most commonly used vegetable in the world. Its old botanical name is Lycoporsican esculentum mill. It is currently called Solanum lyco porcican.

Turnip greens

Turnips contain many essential nutrients that are essential for the proper functioning of our body such as potassium and fiber.


Apple is a fruit. The colour of Apple is either red or green. In scientific language it is called Melus Domestica. Its main place is Central Asia. Apart from this, later it was also grown in Europe.


Apricot is a nodular fruit. From the botanical perspective, apricot, potato bukhara and peach are all fruits of the same botanical family named “prunus”.

Healthy food